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  Welcome to Ansalon II! A NWN Dragonlance Megaword.

What is this Place?
"Once upon a time.." there were these 2 bards named Weis and Hickman that wrote accounts of heroic deeds called the Dragonlance Chronicles, not to be confused with Astinus's Chronicles (thats another story). This was quite awhile ago. There was a place called Solace that used to have towering trees with houses in them, but a group of nasty creatures wrecked the place. Many of these nastys still roam the land.

The Neverwinter Nights Module "Ansalon II - Dragonlance Megaworld" (AWOK2) is the 2nd generation of a Multiplayer Superworld (with over 1000 areas, I think it can be called that) created with the first incarnation of Neverwinter Nights (NWN) by Bioware and Wizards of the Coast (this games was around a lot circa 2004-2008) there are still many worlds created by this around. NWN may look pretty crappy and hard to play compared to some of todays modern MMO's, but it still has a fond place in the hearts of many.

Ansalon I (The first generation) was going hot and heavy in 2004-2008 before it was taken down due to hosting problems. It has been brought back to life now in June 2013 at the request of some old timers that affectionatly call me (the creator) a 'f**king bastard' due to my evil deviousness in the creation of the world, and my DM character named "The Mistress of PAIN!"

Now when we say its a 'custom' world, this is an understatement. Almost every aspect has been modified and re-written with the NWN internal scripting system. There are custom creatures (including Draconians!), encounter system totally reworked, custom treasure drops, custom experience system, player banks stored in a database (persistant), custom items, even a way that you can continue past level 40 all the way to level 200! ..The amount of customization in AWOK2 will not fit on a webpage very well.

On this site you will find maps and helpful information to aid your survival in AWOK2 (You will need it).

Connection information can be found on the menu to the left.

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