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Ensure you have the requirements STATED ON THIS PAGE (Click this link)

Before trying to login check at the top of this page wither the server is UP. If the server is UP write down the IP Address stated and the port number.

Starting Up..Run Neverwinter Nights

After you go through all the spam before the game comes up..Chose 'Multiplayer'

The master server for Neverwinter Nights went down years ago. Enter whatever login name you want to use and a password. The password won't mean a thing but is required to get past this screen. Don't bother with 'create new account' because the Bioware server is not there. After this step you should be able to just click 'OK' on later logins because it saves your name and "password" if the box is ticked. (See below important information about securing your Ansalon account)

After a brief wait the request will time-out just click OK.

tick tock

And you will finally end up here...

Close out the 'Lamespy News' Box and click "Direct Connect"

Enter the IP address follwed by the port (This is show at the top of every page at http://nwn.starfire3d.com) in this format ipaddress:5121 as shown on the webpage. Leave 'Player Password' blank...Click OK

If all is installed right, you should see a select character screen show up where you can create your character.

Have fun in Ansalon II - Dragonlance Megaworld!

If you got a message about "Missing Hak Files" it means you did not properly install the Ansalon II Custom Community Expansion Pack 2.4 (CEP24) from THIS PAGE There are instructions included in that file.

If you got the message "Server Version Mismatch" or something to that effect it means you are not running NWN 1.69 with both expansion packs.

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