Current Ansalon II Server IP Address Port 5121
Enter :5121 when asked
for Server IP Address

Server is currently DOWN


If you enjoy playing on Ansalon II and wish to ensure it stays around
and help out with the server costs please consider donating.
It would be greatly appreciated.

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Current News!
What is this place?

I would like to play! But..
I can't find/get Neverwinter 1 anywhere. Fear NOT! Click the link above!

Various Screenshots from Ansalon II
Maps and Geographical Information

* Connecting to Ansalon II *
Whats required, Patches, Hak Files and logging in.

Step-by-Step Connection Instructions

Ansalon Scoreboards!
Epic Scoreboard (L20-100)
Commoners Scoreboard (L5-19)
Player Roster Coming Soon..

Module Information
Ansalon II - Dragonlance Megaworld is massively customized from the ground up.
Massive Additions and Customizations

  Getting Neverwinter Nights 1
Neverwinter Night 1 is still out there and very low cost.

Disclaimer: I personally have not been to any of these companies. Any problems (if any) are between you and the company involved. I am not recommending or supporting any of them. These links were Player supplied.

You only need NWN Platinum Edition..Might be lower cost

A few players recommended link that states you can Digital Download the NWN1 Platinum Edition (Game and all Expansion Packs needed for Ansalon) for the affordable price of USD$9.99 (ON SALE AT USD$4.99 at the time of this writing)

NWN1 Diamond Edition from GOG Games
To play Neverwinter Nights online, you will require a unique CD keys. In your GOG Library download section there is a button that states "More". 'Drop-Down' this button and your should see 'Serial Keys' copy and paste these to a local text file. -------------------



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