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Modified Spells (Bring Re-Worked)
Arcane Based Spells
Divine Based Spells
Disabled Spells

Player Controlled Re-leveling
Ansalon II Playstyle and Environment
Module support for Level 41-Level 100
Custom Portal System
Level 3 and Haste from the Start
Custom Database Driven Treasure System
Custom Script Driven Spawn System
'Party Friendly' Experience System
Ansalon II Persistant Bank

  Ansalon Custom Treasure System

Ansalon II - Dragonlance MegaWorld (AWOK2) is heavilly tied to a full-blown MySQL Database via NWNX2 (NWN Database Extender). Among its 100's of tables is a database of 6193 Items and growing, of NWN,SOU,HOTU,CEP 1.68,CEP 2.4 and tons of custom items that are used for both monster drops and for populating chests. These are totally chosen by random, the level of the drop is based on the difficulty level of the creature.

In Ansalon II, the treasure rewards are equal to the level of difficulty, you won't get a worthless book or a gold ring worth 2gp for killing a tough monster. In Ansalon II 'Risk equals Reward'.

* All monsters in AWOK have a random chance to drop items, a random amount of gold, and possibly a healing potion.
* Lower Level creatures have a 10% chance of dropping an item, and a 50% chance of dropping some gold or a potion.
* Medium to High level monsters have percentage drops based on their difficulty.
* BOSS monsters will ALWAYS drop at least 1 item of a level equal to their difficulty, possibly up to 3 Items, and a large amount of gold.

Some areas will have chests, the size of the chest determines whither there will be an item in the chest. Small untrapped chests have only a 10% chance. Higher level chests such as a Boss Chest have a 100% chance of containing an item, a 75% chance of a second item and a 25% chance of a third, they will also contain a sizeable gold amount.




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