Current Ansalon II Server IP Address Port 5121
Enter :5121 when asked
for Server IP Address

Server is currently DOWN


If you enjoy playing on Ansalon II and wish to ensure it stays around
and help out with the server costs please consider donating.
It would be greatly appreciated.

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Modified Spells (Bring Re-Worked)
Arcane Based Spells
Divine Based Spells
Disabled Spells

Player Controlled Re-leveling
Ansalon II Playstyle and Environment
Module support for Level 41-Level 100
Custom Portal System
Level 3 and Haste from the Start
Custom Database Driven Treasure System
Custom Script Driven Spawn System
'Party Friendly' Experience System
Ansalon II Persistant Bank

  Ansalon Custom Spawn System

The Ansalon II does not use any of the 'stock' NWN Encounters. A totally custom written spawn system is in place, that is capable of party size/level spawns anyplace in the area. These spawns are randomly timed and usally are variable between 5 and 30 minutes to discourage 'camping' (sometimes won't even spawn if someone is idle in the area) You never know when the next spawn will occur. Creatures can spawn in front of the party, in back of, to the sides, all at the same time, some may even spawn a set and another set seconds/minutes later as 'reinforcements' (evil cackle).

The spawn system is party based, if you are in a party of say, 4, all spawns will be for party level 4 EVEN IF ALL PARTY MEMBERS ARE NOT PRESENT IN THE AREA. But if a party member is not present in the area they will not recieve experience. No sitting in the Inn and leaching exp.

The 'party level' is determine by the average of players in the group. Summoned creatures and familiars ARE NOT included in the party level determination. See the party experience explaination at left




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