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  Ansalon II Portal System

Some people say that 'portaling' in a module is a 'cheat'. Well, I say that there is nothing worse then being on a long quest and running out of arrows or potions and having to quit because of it. Or logging in and having your friends 20 screens away with no way to get to them. Playing solo and fighting your way towards a boss for the last 2 hours then unfortunately dying and blowing away the last 2 hours having to 'walk back'.

In Ansalon II, you receive an item upon logging in called the 'Diviners Eye'.
After the War of the Lance, Magic, once reviled on Krynn, began to flourish. Mages came up with a magical way for persons to teleport themselves, even if they weren't magi. The particulars of this device are explained below.

Teleport to Binding Point
'Binding Points' were established around Krynn with the invention of the Diviners Eye. These mystical rune pillers 'tied' the eye to them. Once you 'binded' your own personal eye to one of these points, you could automatically teleport to them at any time. Most have been established in the major cities of Krynn. This was also the point at which the eye teleported you upon an 'unfortunate death'. (You aren't actually dead but very close to the door :))

Teleport to Last Eye Activation
The Eye saves your last activation point in which you used it (non-persistant). In this way you can return to the last point you were at. This is VERY useful if you run out of potions, want to unload some gear or get some new gear while out adventuring. Then return to your quest.

Teleport to Party Leader
When you join a Party in Ansalon II, the eye will allow you to instantly teleport to the stated leader of the party. Although be advised that some areas of Ansalon II are protected by null-magic fields that don't allow this.

Teleport to Last 'Death Point'
During the course of ridding Ansalon II of 'undesirables' you may end up getting yourself 'killed', you don't really 'die' in Ansalon II, upon the very gorry, and puke worthy destruction of your mortal body, your essense was teleported by the eye to a different realm of existance. If you have to 'respawn' yourself because no one was around to raise you, all is not lost. By using the Eye you can teleport yourself back to the exact moment of 'death' in order to try to avenge yourself. This allows you to not waste the last few hours you spent getting someplace.
Be advised exiting the game to avoid 'death' penalties on repawn is not advised, you may end up in Limbo.




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