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If you enjoy playing on Ansalon II and wish to ensure it stays around
and help out with the server costs please consider donating.
It would be greatly appreciated.

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Modified Spells (Bring Re-Worked)
Arcane Based Spells
Divine Based Spells
Disabled Spells

Player Controlled Re-leveling
Ansalon II Playstyle and Environment
Module support for Level 41-Level 100
Custom Portal System
Level 3 and Haste from the Start
Custom Database Driven Treasure System
Custom Script Driven Spawn System
'Party Friendly' Experience System
Ansalon II Persistant Bank

  Ansalon Playstyle

Ansalon II - Dragonlance Megaworld (AWOK2) is pure Hack and Slash, Questing and Co-Opertive. There are no 'Hard Core Rules', no rest restrictions (Actually its 'fast rest'), no need for food, bedrolls or toilet paper. The only PVP/Player Killing is in a Arena in the town of Solace. The denizens of AWOK2 are quite capable of killing you without worrying about some person exercising thier ego in the open world. If you must massage your ego, head to the Arena.

ALL areas in AWOK are stated No-PvP for a reason, persons reported circumventing this by use of Bioware Bugs and Exploits, can look foward to a permanent CD-Ban. Persons acting like total jerks BECAUSE they can't be killed can look forward to the same.

Let keep the game fun to play.




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