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  Ansalon II 'Party Friendly' Experience System

The Experience System in Ansalon II has also been totally rewritten. In Ansalon II experience for a creature kill is based on the 'average party level'(APL), it is not 'split' like in normal NWN. Familars and Summons have no effect on the APL so they can be used freely.

The party will receieve experience at the APL for all creatures killed by a familiar or a summoned creature. How the APL is calculated is it takes the total levels of all member of the party (Player Characters Only) and divides it by the amount of members in the party. Then the decimal place (if any) is dropped, this is the APL. Experience given is based on the Creatures CR Rating and extra or less experience added/subtracted by the differance between the Creatures CR and the APL * 25. Solo players are consider an APL of there own level.

Some examples.
(3) Level 3 characters in a party.
APL= 3*3 Levels (9) / 3 party members = 3
Each Party Member would recieve experience as if they were solo.

(1) Level 4 character
(2) Level 3 Characters
(1) Level 6 character
APL= 4+3+3+6 Levels (16) / 4 party members = 4
Each Party Member would recieve experience as if they all level 4.
The Level 4 characters are getting exp same as if solo.
The Level 3 would be getting 25 less as if solo
The Level 6 would be getting 50 xp more than if solo

This system make it more advantagous for a higher level character to party with a lower level as it brings the APL down. The lower the APL the more exp the party gets. Party Members have to be with 30 metres (bow range, as the game measures it) to get party experience, 20m for bosses.

* Unfortunate Update *
Due to abuse and exploiting of the previous party exp system, the system was changed. Its is still like the above but with the following added features.

* Only Party Members in the same area are now calculated in the APL.
(Instituted due to players leaving level 3's in town and reaping the benefits of a lower APL)

* If the Highest Level Party Member is 6 levels above the Lowest Party Member then Exp is Capped to 150xp. (if all party members are within 5 or below levels to each other there is no cap)
(Instituted due to low level players 'hiding' in very high lvl areas and getting 400-700xp per kill. This is not fair to those solo'ing or without the benefit of people to 'tank' for them. The scoreboards become extremely unfair and meaningless, when some can get 20 levels in 2 days, because they have people to play with.)

I regret having to do this but lets be fair to all players...As usual some have to ruin it for all..




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