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Player Controlled Re-leveling
Ansalon II Playstyle and Environment
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  Ansalon Support of Character Levels 41 to 100

Ansalon II - The World of Kyrnn (AWOK2) script supports character levels over Level 40. With the following added attributes between Level 41 and Level 100. A printable/saveable experience chart for Levels 41 to100 can be found HERE

The ONLY way 'Over 40' can be supported in NWN is to script it. You CAN NOT add feats, classes, spell levels, or anything other than the below, you DO NOT have a 'level up screen'. Leveling over 40 is automatic, basically adding what scripting will allow, up to the hard-coded limits of NWN. Please read this paragraph again...

Character Level Additions

Character attribute additions are a 'permanent effect' and are not affected by rest or death. Matter of fact they are renewed by resting. The added attributes are stored in a permanent database record and applied to your character by other scripting.
All character classes are supported except for the Purple Dragon 1.69 Prestige Class. This may be added later.

* Each character receives +1 to All Saving Throws,+1 to Attack Bonus,15 Hit Points every level and +1 to all attributes (STR,DEX,CON etc) every 5 levels after a combined Level of over 40, up to the maximum Bioware hard-coded limits. (ie: +1 to all atts at 45, +1 to all atts at 50 etc).

* Spell Casting Characters DO NOT recieve extra spell levels after Level 40. ie: if a Cleric who was Level 10 when thier combined classes reachs Level 41, any Cleric level recieved after Level 40 will gain HP, Save and Attack Bonuses but not additional spell level they will retain thier Level 10 spell casting levels. However the added levels do count toward the 'Caster Level' for modified Ansalon II Spells.

* Modified Level will be stated on the Epic Scoreboards and with the Player Infomation Tool in your inventory.




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