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  Connecting to Ansalon - The World of Krynn.

Ansalon - The World of Krynn - Connection Information

Ansalon II - Dragonlance Megaworld (AWOK2) at this time uses a 100Mbps FIBRE connection and a static IP Address.
The server is in New Zealand. I have players in Pennsylvania USA that say its just fine at 150-200ms. Austrailians and other New Zealanders will most likely be sub 100.

Neverwinter Nights 1st Edition Base
Shadows of Undrentide Expansion (SoU) (XP1)
Hordes of the Underdark Expansion (HotU)(XP2) (All these come in the NWN1 Platnium and Diamond Sets)

Manually patch to Ver. 1.69 HotU. (if your not at 1.69 HotU the patch is below)

Ansalon II Custom Community Expansion Pack 2.4 (CEP24)
This is a custom set available only here. contains unmodified CEP 1.53 to CEP 2.4.
INSTRUCTION INCLUDED on how to install the HAK packs.

(1.47 Gigabytes)

You USED to be able to connect with GameSpy (LameSpy?) that seems to be gone now.

Need Step by Step details of how to connect and login? CLICK HERE!



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